Interior Decoration

  • Full-Service Interior Decoration

    Looking to redecorate a room, or tackling a new home or empty space for the first time? Or perhaps you're changing the function of a room (this is very common among expectant parents!)? We will provide comprehensive decorating services to give your space - or your entire home - great style and exceptional functionality. We'll begin with space planning, a design concept and a decorative scheme, and culminate with installing all your new furnishings, window treatments, all the way to placing the last accessory on shelf...with a lot of fun and inspiration along the way!
  • Art Curation, Accessories & Styling

    If you've got unadorned walls, empty bookcases for miles, or a room that just seems to be missing something, let's do something about that. Sometimes you just need someone to come in and handle all of the finishing touches that will really make your space sing. Kelly has an eye, and the sources for unique art and accessories at every budget level, and can style your shelves and tabletops to realize your magazine-quality dreams!
  • Decorating Consultation

    If you're looking for some quick, real-time ideas on how to optimize certain areas of your home, but enjoy or want to handle all of the legwork of pulling it together yourself, a Decorating Consultation may be right for you. We'll spend about 2 hours together in your home, focusing on the spaces and topics you care about most. Or, we can use the time to shop together for furnishings. It's completely customized to your needs!
  • New Construction SOS

    Building a new home, or renovating an old one? We can help you streamline and organize what is an exciting, yet daunting process filled with many important decisions on the materials and finishes for your home. This type of engagement is focused on customizing and perfecting the "bones" of your house - including, but not limited to selections and/or design of flooring, millwork, tile, plumbing fixtures, lighting, hardware and color.

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Remodeling and Home Design