When Architecture Tells a Story

By Kelly Rogers / April 11, 2012 /

As a college student, I was particularly interested in American art and architecture – so much so that I designed my curriculum around this subject, double majoring in art history and American studies. It was, and is, incredibly fascinating to me how important and uniquely American stories are told through period painting, sculpture, decorative arts,…

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Transportation Nursery Theme Mood Board

Nursery Theme Thursday 1: Transportation

By Kelly Rogers / April 5, 2012 /

Greetings, and happy Nursery Theme Thursday to you! Or whatever day it is when you happen upon this post. I’m very excited to debut the very first theme – TRANSPORTATION! Yes, we’re talking planes, trains and automobiles. And boats, horses, maps, street signs, and anything else related to moving from point A to point B.…

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Nursery Theme Thursday

Coming Soon: Nursery Theme Thursday

By Kelly Rogers / April 5, 2012 /

After 11 years in the marketing industry, 8 of them in digital, I am pretty nerdy about analyzing my blog statistics. Something that I can no longer ignore is that my most popular content relates to babies – I mean, who doesn’t love babies? Specifically, I’m talking about baby’s special room – the nursery.

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Color For Dummies

By Kelly Rogers / April 3, 2012 /

I have to admit – when it comes to color, I am a bit of a dummy myself. After all, I am but a student of design, with my required color theory class still ahead of me (this summer – can’t wait!). I’ve certainly been guilty of timidity when it comes to using color, and…

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Pinterest New Home Scrapbook

My New Home Scrapbook

By Kelly Rogers / March 30, 2012 /

Yesterday my husband and I learned that our offer to purchase a new construction home was accepted, but we’ve actually been moving down this path with the builder for several weeks. During that time I’ve been amassing a collection of ideas for designing and decorating, and thought I’d share it with you. As with all…

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House Under Construction

An Exciting Project: Our New Home

By Kelly Rogers / March 29, 2012 /

I am thrilled to announce that our offer to purchase a new house has been accepted! This isn’t just any old house, though. It is a spec house being built by a developer in the very early stages (framed, roof on), which we’ll have the opportunity to customize to our lifestyle and tastes. We contacted…

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Green Vase - Bottom View w/ Mark

Grandma’s Vase Revealed – an Update!

By Kelly Rogers / March 22, 2012 /

When I wrote recently about my prized, yet mysterious green enameled vase, which was passed down from my grandmother, I never dreamed I’d get a reply just a few days later that helped reveal its provenance. The internet is truly amazing! As a former digital marketer, I’ve believed this for a long time, but I’ve…

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Trina Turk Greek Key Hook Rug

Greek Key for Today

By Kelly Rogers / March 20, 2012 /

The Greek Key motif is one of those enduring design elements that is every bit as relevant and contemporary today as it was in ancient times, when it adorned pottery, mosaic tile work, and architectural friezes.

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Green Vase - Bottom Close-up of Heart Detail

The Mystery of Grandma’s Vase

By Kelly Rogers / March 18, 2012 /

Do you have a family heirloom that’s probably not worth anything, but you just wished you knew something (anything) about it? I do, and I’m hoping someone out there on the interwebs can lift the shroud of mystery from one of my most prized possessions – my grandma’s green vase.

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Madeleine Weinrib fabric

It’s a Green Day – 03.17.12

By Kelly Rogers / March 16, 2012 /

March 17th, 2012 is a very special day in our household. My husband is of 100% Irish stock, and this will be our son’s (who is of approximately 58% Irish stock) first St. Patrick’s Day. To celebrate, I’ll be taking the obligatory minor holiday photo of him donning a minor holiday t-shirt, and posting it…

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