Details at the Junior League of Boston 2012 Show House

Green Room Table Vignette

This is the second of a series of posts on the Junior League of Boston 2012 Show House. The first can be viewed here. As I made my way around the Junior League of Boston Show House last week, praying that my dying camera battery would survive “just one more room” (thankfully, it did!), I…

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How to Make a Color Statement with Collections

White Pitchers on Dark Gray Hutch

When people want to make a quick hit, big impact change in a room, usually the number one solution is paint. Really, this means that color, and changes thereof has a dramatic effect on the overall look of an interior space. However, there are, of course, many other ways to breathe new life into a…

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The New Indoor-Outdoor Rugs

Munjoy Indoor / Outdoor Rug

Do you have a highly trafficked mudroom or entryway that needs a rug but you’re worried about getting it dirty? Perhaps you are lucky enough to own a home with a covered porch that needs that extra something on the floor. Or maybe you want to add some punchy color to your kitchen, but never…

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Accessorizing For Autumn

Chalk Paint Pumpkins

I SO wanted to do a post about summery, beachy, coastal decor today – we’ve spent several days at Second Beach here in Newport while on vacation, and I’ve been more inspired than usual. However, the fact of the matter is that fall is just around the corner, and for those of us (most of…

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Greek Key Redux

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope your weekend has been as gorgeous where you are as it has been in Newport, where we’re entering our final week of vacation. One of my earliest blog posts on Interiors for Families was all about the Greek key motif in contemporary design and furnishings. Just barely scratching the surface there,…

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Grandma’s Vase Revealed – an Update!

Green Vase - Bottom View w/ Mark

When I wrote recently about my prized, yet mysterious green enameled vase, which was passed down from my grandmother, I never dreamed I’d get a reply just a few days later that helped reveal its provenance. The internet is truly amazing! As a former digital marketer, I’ve believed this for a long time, but I’ve…

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Greek Key for Today

Trina Turk Greek Key Hook Rug

The Greek Key motif is one of those enduring design elements that is every bit as relevant and contemporary today as it was in ancient times, when it adorned pottery, mosaic tile work, and architectural friezes.

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The Mystery of Grandma’s Vase

Green Vase - Bottom Close-up of Heart Detail

Do you have a family heirloom that’s probably not worth anything, but you just wished you knew something (anything) about it? I do, and I’m hoping someone out there on the interwebs can lift the shroud of mystery from one of my most prized possessions – my grandma’s green vase.

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Decorating with Maps

Close-up Map of Newton, MA - Label

For me, there’s nothing quite like an old map. It’s a window into the past, to the way we once lived. Everything about it is from a specific moment in time – the printing technique, typefaces, atlas creases, coloring, and of course the geographic features of the map itself. I have three antique maps (two…

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Pillow Talk

Suzani from Landry & Arcari

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to add color and style to a room. They can also be the most economical way to change the look of your living space – subtly or dramatically – without having to buy new furnishings, rearrange furniture, etc. Some folks like to change out their pillows seasonally.…

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