Interior Design Time Warp #2 – The 1980s

Interior Design Rendering from 1980s

Well, thanks for your patience as I’ve attended to some personal matters (you know, family, school, the usual stuff!). I proudly bring you the second installment of Interior Design Time Warp – my favorite decade (so far) – the 80s, baby! If you’ve forgotten how families lived during the decade of decadence, or if you…

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Interior Design Time Warp #1 – The 1970s

Materials Board from 1970s

While vacationing in Newport, RI last month, we rented a lovely house in the Kay-Catherine neighborhood. The homeowners had the most impressive collection of coffee table books I had ever seen. Name a topic, they had a great big book (or several) about it – art, architecture, sailing, lighthouses, geography, food, wine, etc. The ones…

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