Appliances and Adornments for The Morning Kitchen

Appliances and Adornment for The Morning Kitchen | Interiors for Families | Kelly Rogers Interiors

It really takes a village to bring a show house room to fruition. I’ve been blogging a lot lately about some of the ‘villagers’ that helped to create The Morning Kitchen, which I designed with Dianne Aucello of Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio. Today I wanted to devote some time to two distinct sides of…

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A Beautiful Partnership Made in Italy

A Partnership Made in Italy | Interiors for Families

Today’s installment of my ‘week of gratitude’ features a collaboration between us (myself and Dianne Aucello of Edesia Kitchen & Bath Studio) and two wonderful partners, which made our Morning Kitchen at the Junior League of Boston 2017 Designer Show House truly special – and gave it a distinct Italian accent! The very first partner…

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