What Looks Good With Carrara Marble?

Brass Faucet on Carrara

Who doesn’t love a beautiful slab of carrara marble? Relative to other natural and engineered stone options, carrara is actually on the less expensive side, so it can be an attractive option for projects in a wide range of budgets. Of course, carrara has its challenges, and isn’t for everyone; it can etch and stain…

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Using Color to Create Balance & Harmony

Blue and Green Granite Tile

**Please also check out the full reveal of this project here!**   In my opinion, the most critical of the principles of design is Balance. It is also one of the most subjective, making it tricky for many people to master in their own homes. Balance is when the various items or elements in a…

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Hands-Free Faucets For Your Home

Moen Destiny Chrome Faucet

Having a toddler in the house is a sure-fire way to gauge the arrival of cold and flu season. When my little guy’s nose starts to do the leaky faucet thing, I know I’m already doomed to experience a 10-times-worse version of whatever he’s beginning to suffer from. Wouldn’t we all love to be able…

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Stone Cold Crazy

Crocodile Caesarstone

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a stone distributor, Marble & Granite in Norwood, Massachusetts, to (re)select the slabs for my kitchen. I won’t get into the ‘re’ part, other than saying I didn’t think I’d have to go back for a second time (absolutely no fault on the part of M&G) – but…

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Your Help Wanted: Powder Room Mirror

Powder Room Design

Today, I write not with advice or observations, but with a request for assistance. Don’t worry – it’s a fun one :). Our new house has a teeny-tiny powder room on the first floor. I want to have some fun with it, but my fun is somewhat limited by the lack of space. My biggest…

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What I’ve Learned About Countertops…and My Countertops

Costa Esmeralda Kitchen - Westborough Kitchens

Apologies to subscribers/followers if you saw an earlier version of this post – it was inadvertently published before it was complete! I’ve just completed what amounts to a crash course in countertops, as I’m in the midst of selecting them for our new home. I thought I would share some of my learnings, as well…

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