How to Design With: Painted Terra Cotta Tile

This is the very first article in what I hope will be an informative and enjoyable series of posts, which will be published about once a month. With each article, I’ll explore ‘How to Design With” a specific type of material, finish, furnishing, or accessory for your home. I’ll be sure to include my thoughts…

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9 Granites That Just Might Make You Stop Hating on Granite

9 Granites That Just Might Make You Stop Hating on Granite | Interiors for Families | Blog of Kelly Rogers Interiors

As far as countertop materials go, I think it is safe to say that granite has fallen out of favor. Quartz, quartzite and marble are generally more coveted by homeowners and home buyers. Of course, I am overgeneralizing (with the alternatives, as well). And therein lies the issue with granite. When you see or hear…

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Friday Family-Friendly Find: Q Quartz Urban Lava

Friday Family-Friendly Find: Urban Lava by Q Quartz | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

It’s no secret that engineered stone countertops (aka quartz) are getting really good at mimicking natural stone – dramatically-veined white marbles, in particular. They are great imitators. And recently, new finishes have become available that further enhance the illusion. You can now find an increasing variety of quartz with a honed or satin finish. But…

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Friday Family-Friendly Find: Antolini Azerocare Natural Stone

Friday Family-Friendly Find: Antonlini Azerocare Natural Stone | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

As you know, I am always on the lookout for innovative products – new and exciting, or just flying under the radar – and I try as much as possible to ‘battle test’ things I’m not quite sure about on myself (and my two-boy destruction crew…they roll deep). I created Friday Family-Friendly Finds to share…

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Friday Family-Friendly Find: Tilebar Crystallized Thassos Tile

Friday Family-Friendly Find: Tilebar Crystallized Thassos Tile | Interiors for Families

I’m still not fully believing it is Friday again already. But that’s what my calendar is telling me, so I suppose there’s no denying it. I’m pretty sure it’s Monday, actually – it feels that way, after I inadvertently prematurely published those first two sentences yesterday (on Thursday). Oops. I wish it were a Sunday.…

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Can a Pretty Powder Room Survive…BOYS??

Can a Pretty Powder Room Survive...BOYS?? | Interiors For Families

They say inspiration can come from anywhere. My inspiration for this post was derived from a little diamond that popped into my Facebook news feed (via a good, old friend) yesterday: “Someone should tell you that when you have little boys, your toilet will never look the same again…” Too funny! Yet also very true.…

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Black + White Bathrooms

Black and White Bathroom

Bathroom projects are among the most common renovations people undertake in their homes. They can be exciting, but also stressful. Aside from possibly having to adjust your everyday personal hygeine rituals during the course of construction, and dealing with ballooning budgets and slipping schedules – you’ll need to commit to specific not-inexpensive and not-flexible materials…

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Color Design in Our Master Bathroom

Polished Nickel Faucet, Crema Marfil, Revere Pewter

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything about our new house. From a construction perspective, it’s about 99% complete, but there are a couple of things (which I won’t bore you with) that are currently standing in our way of being able to close and move in already. Despite the lack of progress in making…

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