Whimsical Wallpaper, Two Ways

While at The Martin Group at the Boston Design Center last week, I discovered a wallpaper manufacturer I wasn’t familiar with – Flat Vernacular. They are a Brooklyn, NY-based company specializing in hand-drawn and custom papers – really, they’re artists. And this is truly art for your walls. Many of their clever and enchanting patterns have two distinct “looks” – what you see up close, and the ‘gestalt’ view from afar. Seeing these reminded me how much I love this type of pattern – that which almost has multiple personalities (in a good way!)…especially on the walls.

Flat Vernacular - Feather Get Together, Lakshimi


Up close and personal – we have some adorable silver peacocks on a peacock blue (ha) ground. I love the delicate shapes that are created by the meeting of the four heads – either a single hard candy in a wrapper or two hards and a circle, depending on how you look at it.

Flat Vernacular - Feather Get Together, Lakshimi


At a distance, the pattern takes on a whole new life – it’s a sophisticated, two-toned, offset geometric pattern.


Flat Vernacular - Toile de Derby, Drivers Door

What’s this, a lovely toile pattern…


Flat Vernacular - Toile de Derby, Drivers Door


…with cars?? Love it! This is one toile that would be totally at home in a boy’s room. I don’t think my son would ever leave his room if I put this on his walls!


Flat Vernacular Dandelion Creatures, Sunny Valley


Here are some cute little critters – “Dandelion Creatures,” as this pattern is named.


Flat Vernacular - Dandelion Creatures, Sunny Valley


I love the softly rhythmic, yet delicate nature of this pattern, in this colorway, at a distance.


Flat Vernacular - Eyelets, Spy


Flat Vernacular’s “Eyelets” is a sort of lacy, medium-scaled medallion pattern with some figure-ground play that is common in their work.


Flat Vernacular - Eyelets, Spy


Whoa, the ‘eyelet’ pattern is comprised of actual drawn eyes! If you think that is about as cool as it gets, you’re wrong…


Flat Vernacular - Eyelets, Spy


The eyes GLOW IN THE DARK! Probably not good for a bedroom (I don’t think I could sleep with a million glow in the dark eyes staring me down from all angles), but this is F-U-N. I hope Rockwell’s decorator is familiar with this one :).


Flat Vernacular - Beastly Guardians, Lion


“Beastly Creatures” is a sophisticated damask pattern in on-trend colorways (I love this autumnal orange-red-brown combination), with little hidden gems of lions, swans, and bears – oh my.


Flat Vernacular - Too Much Stuff


For the hoarder (or the ironic neat freak), this colorful small-scale wallpaper has everything but the kitchen sink. If I look long enough, I might find that, too. The pattern is aptly named “Too Much Stuff.” It has a bit of a confetti-like appearance at a distance, and could be a fitting backdrop for just about any color scheme (with stripes and solids!).


Do you have a favorite “dual personality” wallpaper pattern?


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