Friday Family-Friendly Find: Steele Elevated Laundry Truck

Laundry…it never ends, does it? I am always excited when I get to help a client zhush up their laundry room…I just think it softens the blow of the endless tedium that is washing, drying, and folding clothes (and scouring the earth for missing socks. Note: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which…

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Friday Family-Friendly Find: ducduc Campaign Stacking Cubby

Friday Family-Friendly Find: ducduc Campaign Stacking Cubby | Interiors for Families

Friday, I’m just not ready for you. And yet, here you are. So let’s do this… This week’s #FFFFind is something I’ve been seeking for a long time. A cubby-type storage system makes a lot of sense for many kids’ spaces, but I’m truly bored and underwhelmed by the choices out there. Not to mention, the…

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[Video] BDC Kitchen Trends for 2012

I’ve got kitchens on the brain today. Maybe it’s because mine is full of unwashed dishes from last night’s meal (Turkey & Wild Rice Soup – delish). The NECN recently did a piece on kitchen design trends for 2012 at the Boston Design Center. It’s a quick and worthy watch. Enjoy!

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The Mail Organization Project: Stage 1 – Recognizing the Problem

Mail Box

I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions for 2012. But if I had, I would have resolved to get my family’s mail situation under control. The sheer volume of catalogs, credit card solicitations, statements, political mailings (don’t ask!), and even the occasional personal greeting that arrives at our home each day is staggering. I don’t…

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