Friday Family-Friendly Find: Joe Ruggiero Benji Dog Bed

One Room Challenge - Week 5 | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

As a decorator, I appreciate, and even need the ability to customize, in some way or fashion, virtually everything that goes into my clients’ homes. I also like to make sure all members of the family, including pets, are acknowledged and addressed in my design solutions. That’s why I love the Benji Dog Bed, designed…

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Smart Flooring Choices for Shedding Pet Owners

Harrison the Beagle on Stark Carpet stair runner | Smart Flooring Choices for Shedding Pet Owners | Interiors For Families

Since embarking on my current career path, I’ve always stressed the importance of remembering our pets and their unique “quirks” when making decisions regarding interior design. There are a whole host of things for pet owners to consider, including, but not limited to claws, chewing, animals on the furniture, “accidents,” fiercely wagging tails. I want…

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