A Front Door I’d Like to Trick or Treat

A Front Door I'd Like to Trick or Treat | Interiors for Families

On Halloween night, you may think about ghosts, goblins, candy, witches and pumpkins, but I’ve got my mind on lanterns, knockers, high-gloss paint and coir mats. I really enjoy getting up close and personal with my neighbor’s homes while trick-or-treating with my boys – particularly, their front porches. It’s like the super bowl of curb…

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Autumn Styling in the Dining Room

Autumn Styling in the Dining Room | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

I visited a client this morning who is in the midst of renovations, and got to see a lot of great progress (and troubleshoot a couple of questionable¬†painting crew “decisions” while there was still time to make right – phew!). We also thought it would be a great time, since everything had been pulled off…

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