Friday Family-Friendly Find: CR Laine Liv Daybed

This week’s find isn’t new to me, as it is a piece of furniture I used in a client project a couple of years ago. I’m working with the same client again on a new project (their very cool pool house), and she keeps telling me how beloved it is, especially by her teenage boys, and how missed it was when I recently had to send it out for repair (due to fabric issues unrelated to the manufacturer…).

Friday Family-Friendly Find: CR Laine Liv Daybed

The Liv Daybed from CR Laine was introduced a few years ago – I still remember the first time I saw it at High Point; it was upholstered in Chiang Mai Dragon, the iconic Schumacher print. Showstopping! Of course, I can’t find the picture anywhere.

I love the scale of it – sized like a sofa or bed, but ‘formatted’ like a bench to float in a room. There’s just so much versatility in a piece like this. On quiet family nights at home, you can sit on it, sleep on it, lay down, even snuggle up with someone in it. When company arrives, it’s a bi-directional piece of furniture. You really can sit three people on each side (back-to-back) facing two different conversation areas. Which is exactly how we laid out the room in this case. P.S. Dogs love it too :).

Friday Family-Friendly Find: CR Laine Liv Daybed | Interiors for Families

Photo: Eric Roth

It really is the anchor piece for their gracious family room, even more so than the sofa directly opposite the television. As you can see, I removed the oversized loose cushions in this case, so it didn’t visually take over the whole room – you could keep them, or use your own throw pillows in fun fabrics! This family has plenty of pillows on the sofa and just pulls them onto the daybed when needed. I also wanted to note that we did a custom length for the daybed – ours is a bit shorter than standard, in order to fit into this floor plan. The room you see is very long, but not terribly wide.

I’m wishing I had a Liv of my own right about now…I’m already ready for a nap.  Have a great weekend!!




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