Friday Family-Friendly Find: Phillip Jeffries Vinyl Tailored Linens

Happy Friday! It doesn’t quite feel like the unofficial start of summer here in New England, but at least I’ll soon be able to wear my white denim with total reckless abandon. 🙂

This week’s find is from one of my favorite wallcovering lines, Phillip Jeffries. I use their natural grasscloth often in my designs, but sometimes natural fibers are not the best choice – for example, in a damp environment (e.g. bathroom), or one that requires improved durability and/or washability (e.g. kitchen, mudroom, hallway, etc.). Thankfully, Phillip Jeffries has vinyl versions of many of its most popular natural wallcoverings – I have used these as well, and they are gorgeous! I was in the showroom this week sourcing for a project, and I came across one I hadn’t seen before.

Friday Family-Friendly Find: Phillip Jeffries Vinyl Tailored Linens | Interiors for Families

Vinyl Tailored Linens give a different look than grasscloth, which tends to be slubbier, rougher, and lends a bit more of a casual look. These are a little more refined – not fancy/formal, just a bit finer, but still with plenty of texture for contrast.  They can give you the look of walls upholstered in a fine linen, with a much less delicate installation. It is washable (most grasscloths implore you to ‘wipe gently’)! But can we just look a little closer at how realistic this looks?

Many vinyl wall coverings have a tell-tale ‘sheen’ to them – these go immediately into the ‘no’ bucket for me. If I’m going to go with a facsimile of the real deal, it has to be extremely convincing. This checks all of the boxes, and then some. It even almost feels like fabric. And, it comes in 19 colorways! I’m sure I’ll be using Vinyl Tailored Linens in a project in the very near future. By the way, it’s available for purchase through Kelly Rogers Interiors.

Have a great, long weekend!


Kelly Rogers

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