One Room Challenge Week 3: American Evolution

I need to begin with a disclaimer: This won’t be my most riveting blog post ever. I am exhausted, and not really feeling the writing process right now. So I’m going to keep this brief (my version of brief, anyway…). It’s Week 3…go easy on me :).


I actually did accomplish some things this week, somehow – most notably, I ordered a bed! Over the phone. I think that may have been my first-ever phone order (at least of ‘Internet times.’). After the upholstered bed route did not pan out (not enough time), I went back to my original idea when I first decorated Eamon’s nursery, which was to do an iron bed. He does have a comfy reading chair, after all I went searching, and immediately stumbled upon THE answer at Charles P. Rogers (no relation – ha).

One Room Challenge Week 3: American Evolution | Kelly Rogers Interiors

The bed shipped within an hour and a half of my phone order. Talk about quick ship! I got it complete with pop-up trundle, and two twin mattresses.

I *think* I will be able to finagle a custom bedskirt, tailored like the one pictured above. No idea what fabric I’d use, but I have a workroom lined up to do it so I guess I had better figure that out! I bought most of the bedding basics, including a quilt, but I’m still looking for an olive or maybe hunter green cotton blanket. If you have any leads on such an (apparently) unicorn item, please let me know!

One Room Challenge Week 3: American Evolution | Kelly Rogers Interiors

I did find an adorable accent pillow from a brand-new to-the-trade collection I’m excited to feature as a Friday Family-Friendly Find tomorrow – come back to check it out! Shoot – should I get one for each end of the bed?

Miracle of all miracles…we will have a runner on the back stairs leading up to Eamon’s room by the end of the month. More to come on that next week.

OK, that’s about all I can muster for Week 3. Here is the full checklist with status updates on each item:

  1. Remove toddler bed and replace with twin or full-sized upholstered daybed. Status: Awaiting iron daybed delivery!
  2. New mattress and bedding. Status: Alllllmost complete.
  3. Add nightstand and articulating reading lamp. Status: Not yet…
  4. Move out the antique walnut chest and replace with more kid-friendly dresser. Status: Awaiting dresser delivery!
  5. Organize drawers and closet, and clear out/donate clothing that no longer fits. Status: Mostly complete! 
  6. Incorporate some toy storage somewhere. Status: Not yet…
  7. Replace corded woven shades with cordless blackout-lined woven shades. Status: Shades ordered.
  8. Hang salon-style art gallery in hall outside his room. Status: Taking antique prints to framers today. Need plan for hanging, and possibly a couple more larger scale pieces.
  9. Add window treatment and small console table/furniture piece in hallway. Status: Window treatment in progress. Console table…not yet.
  10. Install new runner on back stairs up to Eamon’s room. Status: Templating this weekend; install TBD but by end of October!


I wonder how my fellow guest participants, and the featured designers are doing this week. I am hoping to catch up on everyone’s progress this weekend!


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