Building Blocks of Our New Kitchen

Upper Cabinets in Place

As many of you are already aware, we’re slowly approaching the finish line on a new construction home, which is generally believed to be completed sometime next month (note my full confidence in this assertion 🙂 ). I’ve been dropping by frequently to monitor progress, and I’ve learned a few things. 1.) Everything takes at…

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A Warm Welcome

Front Door with Sherwin-Williams Dignified 6538

A beautiful public entry – more specifically, your front door, is really the first impression your home makes on visitors, passers-by, and of course the nosy Nellies who like to scope out everyone else’s digs (but I wouldn’t know anything about that…). All apologies to apartment dwellers and other renters! Now that I’ve got that…

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The Old House

The Old House at Peacefield

If you live in the Boston area, or have plans to visit, I would highly recommend a trip to the Adams National Historical Park, which includes the family homestead in what is now Quincy, Massachusetts. The house at “Peacefield” (also referred to as “The Old House”) was originally purchased by John and Abigail Adams, and…

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Construction Update & Sneak Peek

View from Kitchen to Family Room

Things finally seem to be moving along with our new house, which is under construction just across town. The hardwood floors are being laid, and most of the trim is in place. Our deck is also mostly finished, and interior painting and tile installation are up next. Here are a few snapshots from the past…

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Lessons From The 30th Annual Newton House Tour

Newton House Tour 2012

This past Sunday, I attended my first Newton House Tour – the ultimate in real estate voyeurism, right here in my adopted hometown in Massachusetts. This year’s tour, the 30th annual put on by Historic Newton, featured eight distinctive homes, some new, some old, and some somewhere in-between. Since the tour featured private homes not…

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A House Update (plus, a few of my favorite things)

House Exterior - Front View

I’ve been on blogging hiatus for a few days, while focusing largely on the house we’re building (as well as a few other top-secret projects I look forward to telling you about later!). So I thought I’d give you a brief glimpse into everything we’ve been doing to create a new home that reflects our…

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Design For The “Woof” Under Your Roof

Harrison the Beagle

We have a 3 1/2 year old beagle named Harrison. He is stubborn and a bit mischievous, but just about the cutest and sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Exhibit C: Though my husband and I are both dog lovers and each grew up with wonderful canine companions, we didn’t really have…

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A House With Good Bones

Dining Room Bay Windows

It is often said of an old and gracious home in need of some TLC that it has “good bones.” I think what this usually means is that it has the potential to regain its former glory through extensive renovation and/or expansion. Well, in our case, our house is in the midst of construction –…

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When Architecture Tells a Story


As a college student, I was particularly interested in American art and architecture – so much so that I designed my curriculum around this subject, double majoring in art history and American studies. It was, and is, incredibly fascinating to me how important and uniquely American stories are told through period painting, sculpture, decorative arts,…

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