Junior League of Boston 2017 Show House

Junior League of Boston 2017 Show House | Kelly Rogers Interiors | Interiors for Families

The Junior League of Boston Show House is back again this year, after a successful event last spring, for which I was honored to transform a blank, crumbling space into a warm and vibrant mother-in-law bedroom. This year’s show house will be held this fall, and I’m so pleased to announce I will be participating…

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Old House Love

Victorian Firebox & Andirons

With all apologies to the eponymous Young House Love bloggers, I just have to write a bit about some Old House Love – for the one my husband and I now own. We haven’t moved in yet, but the prior owners moved out this week. I have to say, now that the house is completely…

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A Change Of Plans

You may have noticed I’ve been away from the blog for awhile. I’ve been on writing hiatus while we’ve been focusing on some personal business. For months – heck, for nearly a year I’ve been blogging about “our new house,” and the process of designing and decorating it while construction has been ongoing.  I’ve spent…

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The Elusive Finish Line (Our New House)

Costa Esmeralda Countertop on Gray Island

Some projects seem as though they might go on forever. It can be difficult to visualize the end state when everything is complete, and as you originally planned it. My new house is such a project. We always knew there was a high probability that construction delays would occur, so we haven’t yet put our…

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Details at the Junior League of Boston 2012 Show House

Green Room Table Vignette

This is the second of a series of posts on the Junior League of Boston 2012 Show House. The first can be viewed here. As I made my way around the Junior League of Boston Show House last week, praying that my dying camera battery would survive “just one more room” (thankfully, it did!), I…

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